Autoimmune and other immune-related diseases (eg. primary immunodeficiency) currently affect more than 1.2 million Australians. These are chronic (long-lasting) conditions lasting months to years. Treatment options are generally limited to reducing the severity of symptoms. For some people their daily lives remain relatively unaffected, but for others it can become a life threatening situation.

There is no cure.

We need your help to continue our research into discovering the genetic causes of these diseases, to find treatments that are more effective and targeted to the individual.

We hope you can assist us in some way, large or small.

Your support of the Centre's research will help to make a difference to these people living with an immune disease.

Thank you.


Ways to make a donation

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The Centre for Personalised Immunology

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Donate to Lupus Research
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Donate to The Centre for Personalised Immunology

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Please ensure the cheque is made out to The Australian National University and clearly indicate which Endowment fund (listed above) you wish to support.