Dr Rafael Casellas

NIH/NIAIDS | United States of America

Rafael is Chief of the Genomics and Immunity laboratory at the NIAMS/NIH, where, as part of his “NIH Mouse Regulome Project” he has led and implemented large-scale TALEN and now CRISPR/Cas9 DNA editing technologies in both human/mouse cell lines and mouse zygotes as an NIH service. He has made seminal contributions (Cell x 6, Cell Reports x 2, Science x 4, Nature x 4, Nat Immunol x3, Immunity x 2 and J. Exp. Med x 6), which have been cited over 2,500 times (mean of 55 citations each). He has been the recipient of prestigious awards from the NIH, NCI, NSF and Henry Kunkel Society and has delivered > 80 presentations. He delivers four NIH Biotechnology courses annually that train students in the latest DNA editing tools and technologies.