Educating Students and Clinicians on Genomic Medicine

Monday, August 8, 2016

The 2016 School of Personalised Immunology was held on the 23-24 July at the Translational Research Facility, Monash Health Translation Precinct in Clayton, Melbourne. Students, clinicians and medical students from hospitals and research institutes in Melbourne attended the School, co-convened by Professor David Fulcher and Dr Julia Ellyard.

The one and a half-day course covered genomics, from basic genomics to advance bioinformatics and the latest techniques used in exome and genome sequencing. It included a half-day workshop where attendees were given the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice. There was also discussion on the ethical implications and issues involved in the integration of genome sequencing in medicine.

The program, organised and run by the CPI, emphasised the various disciplines involved and the challenges facing the future of genomic medicine.

A copy of the preliminary program can be found here.

Pictured below: Translational Research Facility, Monash Health Translation Precinct