Genetics and Immune Disease - Public Lecture

Thursday, April 14, 2016

We are pleased to announce that one of our Chief Investigators, Professor David Fulcher, along with our Co-directors, Professors Carola Vinuesa and Matthew Cook will be presenting a public lecture on Genetics and Immune Diseases at the Translational Research Facility, Monash Health Translation Precinct in July (details below).

The immune system is what protects our bodies from disease and infection. However, in some people this system breaks down and can cause what are collectively known as immune-related diseases. These include autoimmune diseases (eg. lupus) where the immune systems attacks healthy tissue and immune deficiencies (eg. primary immunedeficiency) where part of the immune system is completely absent. Recent advances in gene technology has improved our understanding of the major role a person's genome plays in immune diseases.

In this lecture, Professors Fulcher, Vinuesa and Cook will provide a general overview of how the immune system works, discuss the important role of genetics and the implications for human health.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

When: Sunday 24 July, 3pm - 4:45pm, followed by light refreshments

Where: Translational Research Facility, Monash Health Translation Precinct, 246 Clayton Road, Clayton, Victoria

Registration: This lecture is free and open to the public. For catering purposes only please register your attendance.


Photo below: Translation Research Facility, Monash Translation Precinct, Clayton, Victoria