It's personal

The Centre for Personalised Immunology aims to help these people living with an immune disease by finding the answers to help diagnose and treat their condition. Lupus, immunodeficiency, autoimmune kidney disease, sarcoidosis and Sjogren’s syndrome are some of the diseases we are investigating in the hope of finding better treatments.

Diagnosis of immune-related diseases is difficult because often the signs and symptoms a person experiences overlap with other illnesses. This leads to delays in diagnosis with treatments that only alleviate symptoms. Generally, medical treatments are designed to treat the average person using a "one-size-fits-all-approach". While this may work for some, for many others, treatments are ineffective.

Our objective is to understand the mechanism of immune diseases by identifying changes in your genome (your entire DNA sequence) that is causing or contributing to your immune disease. Discovery of these variants and understanding the role they play in immune diseases will enable us to provide a diagnosis ‘personalised’ to you and potentailly tailor make  treatments that are more effective in treating your disease.

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