The Centre for Personalised Immunology uses state-of-the-art infrastructure located on ANU campus including:

ACRF Biomolecular Resource Facility

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Biomolecular Resource Facility (BRF), serving ANU and the region since 1988, is a core lab with experience in molecular genetics, protein technologies and bioinformatics. The Genome Discovery Unit (GDU) provides custom pipeline development and analysis of high-throughput DNA sequencing results.

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Australian Phenomics Facility

The Australian Phenomics Facility (APF) is a specialised facility for developing, characterising and archiving mouse models of human disease. We have an open access policy and support academic and corporate research programmes in Australia and internationally.

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NCI, as Australia’s national research computing service, provides world-class, high-end services to Australia’s researchers, the primary objectives of which are to raise the ambition, impact, and outcomes of Australian research through access to advanced computational and data-intensive methods, support, and high-performance infrastructure. NCI offers comprehensive and integrated high-performance services that cover the gamut of computationally-based research. The infrastructure includes a new 1.2 petaflop HPC system, a 3,500 core high-performance compute cloud, persistent disk storage of more than 10 PBytes, and a new purpose-built data centre.

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Imaging & Cytometry Facility

The MCRF provide access to equipment as well on-going support, advice and training in the following areas which include:

  • Flow cytometry: Cell sorting (FACS), benchtop cell analysis, multi parameter analysis, data analysis.
  • Microscopy: Brightfield, DIC, fluorescence, confocal and 2 photon microscopy, live cell imaging, data and image analysis.
  • Small animal in-vivo imaging: Bioluminescence, fluorescence and micro CT imaging, data analysis, ex vivo CT imaging.
  • Histology: Sample preparation, stained and unstained slides, cryo-sectioning, and a wide range of special stains.

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