About us

The Centre for Personalised Immunology aims to help people living with immune-related diseases by providing a 'personalised' diagnosis to find more effective treatments for their condition.

OUR VISION is to improve the treatment and quality of life of patients with immune diseases

To undertake ground breaking research that combines fundamental science with strong clinical interactions using cutting edge genome sequencing and discovery technology to elucidate the mechanism of disease in individual patients and provide improved treatments or a cure.

Innovation - Collaboration - Integrity


  • Patients with immune diseases including: Immune deficiency, Autoimmune diseases, Autoinflammatory disease
  • Clinicians and GPs who work with patients with immune disease
  • Medical students who wish to train to become doctors
  • Specialist trainees in areas relevant to immune disease
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: those that develop drugs for patients with immune disease
  • Government departments that develop health policy

The researchers are based at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, the Australian National University in Canberra working with international researchers in Germany and the USA along with clinician-scientists based in Sydney and Melbourne.

The team uses cutting-edge technology including Next-Generation genome sequencing, Australia's largest supercomputer and human cell lines.